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The smart way of dealing with snakes around your property.

Instead of finding them in unwanted places, use the Kief Snake Trap to intercept their travel route and catch them in their tracts! 

Kief. [Adj] Afrikaans slang : sounds like "if" : means cool, great, awesome or neat. 
eg. That's a kief car! (we mean snake trap)

This trap does not lure snakes!!


The Snake Trap is unique in the way that its unlikely to be set off by most legged animals like Toads, Rodents and Spiders because it has a small shaft running across the inside of the trap which they can step or jump over but because snakes have no legs they have to put their body weight on it to cross which will set it off by closing both none-return doors and triggering the audible alarm which will notify you that a snake has been caught.

This trap does not harm snakes!!


The Snake Trap is perfect for all animal lovers. It allows the snake to enter from either side of the trap and when it reaches the center it will trigger the none-return doors to close in the same direction the snake moves thus allowing the snake to pull the rest of it's body inside the trap unharmed and triggering the audible alarm. It does not use glue, it's safe on the inside with no way for the snake to hurt itself and it has two alarm functions so you will not forget about a caught animal inside the trap. 

This trap simply  intercepts snakes on their travel route!!


With the snake already contained in the trap, it can then be released in a remote location away from your property.  It will stay in the trap until you or a professional come and release it at a safe remote location. We manufacture 3 sizes in South Africa and can manufacture custom sizes for target snakes as well.

Available in 0.9m, 1.3m, 1.8m


Covid-19 drove me to invent this Snake Trap


Hello and thanks for taking the time to visit our site. 

My name is Noel Botha and I'm from a small town called Robertson in South Africa.

With the COVID-19 lockdown period many people were not able to go to work. Staying home for days on end, got my creativity and ideas flowing! 
Since everything was turned upside down, I went back to what I know best, which is snakes! I realized that I had a solution to a problem, one which I constantly had questions about all my life but never put my idea into action. I had the technical knowledge, the handy skills and loads of time on my hands! So I finally got to work and made this Snake Trap and was ready to bring a useful product for the public to benefit from and keep them safe! 

P.S Did you know that Isaac Newton changed the world while in quarantine from the Plague? - He discovered calculus, prisms and the law of gravity! Now, I'm no Isaac Newton but protecting communities and keeping them safe by catching snakes - is really kief!


✓ Ideal for Resorts, Hotels, Farms, Estates, Homes 

Great for camping

Helpful for birds & small mammal breeders

✓ Protect your family, children, guests & pets

✓ No more snakes in your tool shed

✓ Catch them before they enter your home!

✓ Audible Trigger Alarm

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Image by Alexander Kaunas

Bush & Sea Resort

Having the Kief Snake Trap at our resort and facility really gives us peace of mind and security knowing that an alarm is set off whenever a snake is found on our property. 

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