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  • How does the snake trap work?
    Just set the Trap against the nearest wall where you regularly see the snake. It allows the snake to enter from either side of the trap and when it reaches the center trigger bar it will activate the none-return doors to close in the same direction the snake moves thus allowing the snake to pull the rest of it's body inside the trap unharmed and triggering the audible alarm. Because snakes have no legs they have to put their body weight on it to cross which will set it off by closing both none-return doors and triggering the audible alarm which will notify you that a snake has been caught. This trap simply intercepts snakes on their travel route!! With the snake already contained in the trap there is no need to move it to a travel container and it can be taken to a safe remote location where it can then be released by your local snake handler. This is by far the safest way to handle any snake because you never actually handle the snake!!
  • Will the trap hurt the snake?
    No Way! The trap has been carefully designed by snake experts to ensure that the snake is safe, secured and unharmed. We LOVE snakes and would do anything to keep them safe!
  • Is the trap easy to Activate?
    Yes it is, it activates in Two Steps, just as easy as setting up a mouse trap!! No assembly required. It's ready to go straight out of the box! Simply set the trap where you see snake activity and be sure that it is placed in a shaded area out of direct sunlight against a wall or vertical structure as snakes tends to travel along them. Common places to set it would be near an outdoor light or pets water bowl that attracts insects, frogs and rodents which attracts the snake.
  • What is the best "bait" to use to catch a snake?"
    This trap does not require bait nor does it lure snakes from a distance but when a snake does see the trap all it sees is a dark confined space where it can shelter. If you prefer to use bait, depending on the targeted snake, try to find droppings of its natural prey and place it in the trap. Once the trap is set please check on it every day.
  • What should I do with the snake once it's trapped?
    Switch off the trigger alarm and call your local expert to take the trap to a safe location where he/she can release the snake unharmed by simply placing the trap on the ground and opening "one" door to set it free in a guided direction. You are responsible for your own safety with the trapped animal and Kief Traps assumes no responsibility or liability for any injury resulting from any wildlife you capture with this trap.
  • What if I need a different size trap?
    No problem! We custom make various sizes to your requirements. Just send us an email with your requirments and we will get back to you with a sollution.
  • What if the Snake is to big for the Trap?
    The trap can catch a snake at almost twice the length of the trap. For instance the trap size 0.9m would be able to catch a snake of up to 1.8m How is this possible? Well it's simple. When the snake activates the trigger bar in the centre of the trap both doors are closed simultaneously. The door that closes on the snake startles it and when a snake is startled it moves forward. When it hits the front door it wil start to coil up inside the trap pulling the rest of it's body inside. What if the snake is still too long for the Trap? The none return doors will prevent the snake from exiting the trap but it is advised to call your local snake handler immediately and stay clear of the trap and keep an eye on it until the expert arrives.
  • Is there any way the snake can escape the Trap?
    If the trap is placed upside down the snake will have a good chance to escape the PlexiGlass doors. But with the End Caps closed on either side there is NO WAY for it to escape the Trap!
  • What if the snake is forgotten in the Trap?
    Well this is why each trap has an Audible Alarm unit. It is still advised to regulary (daily if possible) check each trap and if for some reason the Alarm does fail or you are away for the weekend just make sure to ask someone to check on it daily or rather disarm it for the period. Snakes can go atleast a week without water and even months without food so if one is trapped it should be fine given that the trap is out of direct sunlight.
  • What if the Alarm fails?
    The Alarm is weather proof but it is still possible for it to fail. Should the batteries go flat it will still emmit a high pitch short beep when triggered which will be the indication to change the batteries. Should it completely fail to work? It is still advised to check the traps daily. When you set a trap it becomes your responsibility to make sure no animal is left trapped inside of it for a extended period of time.
  • What if the trigger bar fails and the snake escapes?
    Well then the snake goes free :) Be sure when you place the trap to test it a couple of time to make sure there is no obstructions that prevent the trigger from activating. It's also a good idea to manual test the trap atleast once every couple of weeks. The trap contains moving parts and dust do collect on these parts :)
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